Dad Band Is...

Stuart Chandler Drums
Dave Ferguson Bass
Corbin Krug Piano
Mike Powers Saxophone
Ken Sherwood Trumpet

Contact us at , or call (724) 422-3991.

Dad Band T-Shirts

Dad Band t-shirts are available through Café Press. Proceeds benefit Indi Kids.

About the Dad Band

From its 2004 debut performance for the four-year-old room at Indi Kids, Dad Band has earned a reputation as the preeminent charity jazz quintet of Indiana County, PA.

Amateurs all, the members of the band play for the love of music—exposing children to the pleasure of live performance and supporting local organizations. Our repertoire extends from childrens’ favorites like “Elmo’s Song” to Basie and Ellington to bebop and blues.

Public performances have included the IUP Homecoming Parade, Indi Kids 35th birthday party, Indiana Free Library Night in the Stacks, St. Bernard School Auction, IUP-APSCUF, the First Unitarian Universalist Concert Series, the Family Fun Fest, the New Growth Arts Festival, the NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet, and the Blairsville Improvement Group Night of Comedy.